Working together a must on many issues

Democrats and Republicans must work together for the common good. The last four years have been an embarrassment to the nation.

Jobs: We need to get the unemployed back to work and all of us working on jobs that need to be done.

Global warming: This is a long-term problem that will only get worse, but addressing global warming will create jobs in new fields and some under-used fields that need increased development. Many of these relate to energy.

Energy and infrastructure: These issues go hand in hand. Non-fossil fuel energy needs to be developed and will create jobs: wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, etc., as well as increased energy conservation. Most readers fly once or twice a year or more. You see the lights at night and the smokestacks during the day. How much energy use is too much? Replacing our aging infrastructure will create jobs and will make us more energy efficient.

Immigration reform: Justice delayed is justice denied. From the DREAM Act to Justice for Farmworkers, this issue has to be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Taxes: My income for about the last eight years has been reasonable, so I am firmly in the middle class. We need to ask everyone to pay more in income and investment taxes. Let’s gradually over the next six years get back to the tax level of the end of the Clinton administration, to my knowledge the last time our nation broke even. We need to cut “defense” spending (I served in the U.S. Navy); we need to “means test” the entitlements, Social Security, Medicare for the upper middle class and continue to support Medicaid and supportive programs for the working poor, those in jail and the under-used human capital of our nation.

Raymond P. Finney

Pagosa Springs