Fresh takes on guacamole on a Super Bowl classic

Matthew Mead/Associated Press

Sweet Heat Bacon Guacamole, left, Chipotle Corn Guacamole, top, Shrimp and Mango Guacamole, right, and Roasted Fresh Salsa Guacamole, front center, are trick plays on the old Super Bowl standby.

AP Food Editor

Looking for a few simple ways to freshen up the go-to dish of the Super Bowl? We cobbled together a mighty tasty basic guacamole, then came up with four ways to turn basic into unbelievably good.

If sweet and heat are your style, go for guac mixed with brown sugar candied bacon and hot sauce. Heat fiends will prefer the corn and chipotle blend, while those who favor the exotic touch might like the shrimp and mango version. And for those who want it all? A roasted fresh salsa guac.

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