Ex-CIA contractor may get deal

DENVER – A former CIA contractor involved in a fatal shootout in Pakistan and then charged with a felony in Colorado after a fight over a parking space would have his charges reduced to a misdemeanor if he writes a letter of apology, according to a document obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press.

Raymond Allen Davis has been charged with felony assault, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and a sentencing enhancing charge of crime of violence. The charges stem from a fight outside a Highlands Ranch bagel shop in October 2011, about six months after Davis’ release from Pakistan.

Under the terms of a proposed plea agreement obtained Tuesday from victim Jeffrey Maes’ attorney, Larry Klayman, Davis would admit to injuring Maes’ back, pay restitution, and write a letter of apology. In exchange, prosecutors would allow Davis to plead guilty to a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge and recommend two years’ probation and anger management.

The felony assault and other charges would be dropped.

Davis’ attorney, William Frankfurt, did not return a message seeking comment but asked last week about a pending plea agreement mentioned in court, Frankfurt said: “Nothing’s been finalized.”