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Pee Pee Boys make a splash

STEVE LEWIS/Durango Herald

Local artist Ron Andrews, right, made his own, larger version of a Pee Pee Boy and put on a demonstration during Friday afternoon’s Pee Pee Boy contest at the White Dragon Tea Room. From left are Kristi Dranginis, Will McElwain and Anthony Diaz. The official Chinese version of the Pee Pee Boy is brick-colored, 2½ inches tall and anatomically correct.

By Jim Haug Herald staff writer

Just the name of a new Snowdown contest was enough to draw the curious to the White Dragon Tea Room on Friday afternoon for the first-ever Pee Pee Boys Pee Off.

A few were under the mistaken impression their sons would have to relieve themselves for sport.

When assured that it would be small ceramic figures that would be spouting water, a boy holding a pitcher of water then impatiently asked for the restroom.

“He looked like he had been chugging all day,” said Casey Nichols of the White Dragon, in the back of There’s No Place Like Home gift shop, 820 Main Ave.

One mother, Brandi Birch, said she was “pretty sure you can’t (pee in public),” but was drawn to see what the contest was about.

Pee Pee Boys are small Chinese toys that absorb about 2 fluid ounces when submerged for 15 minutes or more. When boiling water is poured over the head of the Pee Pee Boy, it shoots water from an anatomically correct part of its body.

More than 40 people of all ages packed the tea room with 14 competing. Local sculptor Ron Andrews made a figure of a tea drinker for the contest.

White Dragon owner Michael Thunder poured the boiling water over the ceramic figures while wise guys in the crowd cracked jokes like “This (Pee Pee Boy) has a prostate problem” or “This one is pee shy.”

In the two competitive categories, Birch’s son Brian Fitch, 11, took first place for distance with a 10-foot arc of water, landing inside There’s No Place Like Home, and Susan Champany of Farmington won for duration with a time of 22.9 seconds.

Susan and her husband, Rick Champany, came to Durango for a day of Snowdown activities.

Rick Champany had seen the Pee Pee Boy contest on the schedule and wondered what it was about, too.

“I pushed (Susan) into competing,” he said.

“It was fun,” Susan Champany said. “This is something I will show my children.”


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