The single best thing you can do to lose weight

Really, you don’t want to know.

It’s seems unthinkable, impossible, inconceivable. You may decide it’s just not worth it.

But if you want to lose weight, here’s the one sure-fire action nutritionists recommend you take to budge the scale’s needle in your favor: give up flour.

This is not a new notion. Remember the anti-white diet – no flour, no sugar, no rice? Well, this is it in simpler form. No bread, no pasta, no pizza. No bagels, no pancakes, no doughnuts. No cookies, no cakes, no pies.

If you think, “No problem, I’ll just go gluten-free,” think again. Most flour substitutes are made primarily of rice, which is more caloric and not nearly as tasty.

But here, a little hope.

Quinoa pasta, while still a refined grain, is healthier than wheat pasta, contains protein and tastes virtually the same. Chocolate has no flour. Neither does ice cream. Not that you’ll lose a lot of weight if you trade chocolates and ice cream for cake and cookies, but at least you can find an occasional allowable treat.

Now, deep breath. Skip the pizza today and you’re on your way.