Say you love me

You’ve heard of “shaken, not stirred.” Well, NECCO sweethearts are dried, not baked, for three days before they’re ready to sell.

The popular candy hearts have been produced for 111 years, sending out between 5 and 7 billion hearts this year alone, with old-time sayings like Love You and Marry Me and new-fangled ones like Boogie and U Move Me. NECCO makes the hearts all year, but sells out in the six weeks between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.

Each heart can hold up to five letters on top and four on bottom and is always printed in red ink. You can find about 80 different sayings, 20 of which are new each year.

The candy company decides on a theme each year. Last year was technology, with hearts saying Tweet Me and Text Me. This year the theme is “get moving,” with sayings like Boogie, Shake It and Hold Hands.

Favorite sayings tend toward the traditional: Be Mine, Kiss Me, Love You, Miss You and the eternally popular Marry Me.

Sweet sayings for a sweet day.