Don’t come home without the chocolate

Do women really love chocolate as much as modern media, to say nothing of modern marketing, would have you believe?

They do.

Forget research that tells you dark chocolate is an antioxidant with healthful properties that will do everything from improve your mood on a bad day to boost pheromones after a romantic meal.

“To a woman chocolate is a treat, maybe because we all try not to eat sweets too often,” said local wedding planner Mandy Winn. It’s a reward.”

Winn admits to being a longtime chocolate lover herself and notes that the flavor in all its forms – chocolate fountains, cupcakes and bite-size truffles – is a symbol of romance that often figures in weddings and anniversaries.

Local chocolate makers and bakers confirm it, too, with Valentine’s Day sales of chocolate-covered strawberries, flourless chocolate cake and chocolate-flavored popcorn selling out.

Who’s doing the buying?

Men, of course.