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Dr. Phil working on a Redwine program

JERRY McBRIDE/Durango Herald file photo

Elaine Redwine, Dylan Redwine’s mother, fights back tears with her older son, Cory Redwine, 21, next to her as she talks about her missing son, who is now 14. The Redwine family is trying to schedule an appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show” to discuss the search for Dylan.

By Shane Benjamin Herald staff writer

Producers from the “Dr. Phil Show” are in talks with the family of Dylan Redwine, the teenage boy who disappeared last year from Vallecito, about appearing on the television show.

“It’s not a maybe, it’s going to happen,” said Mark Redwine, father of the missing boy. “It’s just a matter of getting it coordinated.”

Denise Hess, who has helped coordinate search efforts for Dylan, also confirmed the plans.

“The family is ready to go at any moment,” she said. “We’re waiting on Mark to decide.”

Producers wanted the Redwine family to tape the show this week in California, but Mark Redwine was unable to attend, he said. Now, the producers want to tape on Wednesday or Feb. 27.

It is unknown when the show would air.

Dylan, 14, was reported missing Nov. 19, 2012, from his father’s home north of Vallecito Reservoir. He was visiting his father as part of a court-ordered visitation during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The boy’s mother, Elaine Redwine, and his older brother, Cory, 21, also plan to appear on the show.

Elaine and Cory Redwine have criticized Mark Redwine for what they perceive as a lack of communication and a lack of involvement in the search for Dylan. They held a rally in front of the father’s house last month in an effort to encourage him to become more involved.

Mark Redwine said appearing on the “Dr. Phil Show” could raise awareness about Dylan’s disappearance and reach millions of viewers across the country. But he doesn’t want it to turn into a tabloid feud between family members, he said.

“There is a lot of personal conflict between myself, Elaine and Cory as a group,” he said. “These all go back over time. It has nothing to do with Dylan. I think Dylan missing has magnified that to some degree.”

“I’m not afraid of the truth,” he said, “but what I don’t want to see is it turn into a ‘Jerry Springer Show.’

“We need to unite for Dylan’s benefit. ... Hopefully, Dr. Phil will take a position where he can address some of those issues and help us as a family focus on what is really important right now. We don’t have time to be pointing fingers and making blame or standing out in front of my house like a bunch of idiots holding this (stupid) rally to call me out.”

Elaine and Cory Redwine were ready to appear on the show this week, Hess said, but Mark Redwine wouldn’t commit to it and didn’t give a reason why.

She was glad to hear he is committed to doing the show.

“(Dr. Phil) has been one of the people that we’ve been aiming for right out of the gate in the beginning in our effort to gain national media attention around this case so that we can get Dylan into the homes of millions of people,” she said. “The more people that know about it, the more people we have looking. So we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to do that.”

Elaine Redwine has appeared by phone to talk to Nancy Grace on her legal-affairs show on the CNN-affiliated Headline News.

Hess said she wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Phil delves into the family dynamics.

“A lot of people that I’ve spoken to who do watch ‘Dr. Phil’ have said that he goes right in and starts digging for the dirt,” she said. “He’s not afraid to ask the hard questions.”

Mark Redwine said he doesn’t want to place blame.

“Quite frankly, I don’t care who has Dylan or for what reason they have Dylan,” he said. “The fact is that they need to let him go and reach out to somebody in his family. And whether that means dropping him off at the nearest Walmart or the nearest post office or the nearest police station or whatever the case may be, let him go.”


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