Honor Carver: Let passions light your path

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of those within our community who came and scooped up our family and held us close after my son Peterís passing on Feb. 2.

While Peter received the gift of embodied life on this Earth for too short a time, he did show us that life is for living. If you want to honor Peter, let your passions brightly illuminate your path, and Peter would tell you that youíll have lots of friends along the way.

This week is the darkest of the new moons of the winter. It is a time of deep stillness, the absolute nadir of the ebb of the grand cycle. As we see the sliver of the moon grow to the color of Peterís ashes, we will see the reflected light of Peterís bright fire.

The loving support given by Nate Klema, Duncan Rothwell, Paul Wilbert, Tom Bartels, Jack Turner, Sarah Sumner, Sara Olsen, Carson Jones, Durango Discovery Museum, Gov. John Hickenlooper and countless others has touched us deeply.

Bill Carver & family