Match blinks on the Bobcats’ Gallegos

A wrestling match can turn in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately for Ignacio High School heavyweight Josh Gallegos, it turned the wrong direction Thursday.

Gallegos led Lorenzo Trujillo of John Mall 1-0 before being called for a penalty, which awarded a point to Trujillo. Then Trujillo mustered an escape for a point and held on for a 2-1 win at the CHSAA Class 2A Wrestling State Championships at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

Despite the tough loss, IHS head coach Bob Overturf was pleased with Gallegos’ progress.

“Like I told him, he’s not going backwards,” Overturf said. “Every match he’s getting better and better.”

Gallegos will open his run at a potential third-place finish against Jarred Zumwalt of Swink on Friday.

Zumwalt was pinned in 28 seconds by Reed Christensen of Akron in his first-round match.

“Get that shower, get that dirtiness off him and go to the next round,” Overturf said.

“His next two matches, this one’s important. You take them one at a time.”

Gallegos’ head coach is confident in his ability to work his way through the next couple of rounds and potentially find his way into a third- or fifth-place match.

“We’re taking it one at a time,” Overturf said. “Next match I feel real comfortable with. The match after that I feel real comfortable with. When he gets to the next one, it’ll be a battle like this one was.”