McLachlan failing to represent the people

Because this is a very liberal newspaper, I guess I will not see my letter. If I do, thank you for printing other views. For one, I am a registered unaffiliated and do not believe in any agendas, only what is right.

Gun-control measures being proposed and passed do nothing to control violence. I wish that our legislators could understand that. State Rep. Mike McLachlan, D-Durango, fails to understand the issues at all, and he fails miserably as a legislator who was elected to represent the people.

I bet if a “fair” vote, not a Herald poll, was taken in his district, that he would fail on his position pertaining to gun control. He does not listen as is evident for the several times that I have written to him. I have never had any legislator thus far ever totally ignore my attempts at contact. He has ignored anything I have sent, and I have been polite. Sad that somebody we have elected to represent us is totally ignoring the will of the people who elected him.

McLachlan does not represent us, the people. He has become a White House rep while totally ignoring those who he should represent in Colorado, not D.C.

Melinda Ice


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