Randomly kind

Were you eating out recently and a stranger sent your table a serving of crème brûlée? Or did you come out panicked after shopping on Main Avenue because your meter had expired, only to find you inexplicably had minutes to spare?

A Durango man has undertaken the challenge of performing one act of random kindness each day for a year, and he’s still at it two months in. From plugging meters to buying flowers for the greeter at Walmart, making donations to a favorite cause to taking the time to catch up with old friends, Sebastian Gast is a man on a mission.

He is keeping a record of his endeavors at http://sebskindness.blogspot.com/, where he also shares what he is learning during his project.

“I don’t want recognition,” Gast wrote in his entry on Jan. 26, “just the occasional personal satisfaction that someone’s day was made a little better.”

Herald Staff