Italian olive oil, here in Durango

Fresh Pressed is a Durango-based company run by Peter Pizzoferrato and Anna Hollowell, importing Italian olive oils. The FDA doesn’t allow you to bring fresh olives into the country, so the pair do the next best thing – they go to Italy and work with olive growers pruning, harvesting and creating the oils they sell.

They offer two straight Italian olive oils, one regular extra virgin (very green and spicy) for $18 a half-liter and one D.O.P. (smooth with a grassy finish) for $24 a half-liter.

They also offer two Spanish olive oils, Early Royal, a single varietal with superb green-olive flavor, for $35 per half-liter and Picual First Harvest, a peppery new oil with a slight bitter finish for $35 a half-liter.

They round out their offerings with green and black tapenades (olive pate) for $8 a jar and flavored olive oils made from the produce of the Abruzzo countryside. They sell quarter liter bottles of tangerine, orange, lemon, cedro (a large citrus fruit), basil, porcini and hot pepper with garlic for $15 and half liters of cedro, basil and hot pepper for $22 a bottle.

You can purchase their products by e-mailing them at or by calling Pizzoferrato at 683-0052.