The coffee is always fresh at Fahrenheit

Imagine making everything you sell by hand, like a piece of art or an individually carved chair.

Reduce that to something you do hundreds of times a day and you have a narrow picture of what it’s like to serve a single perfect cup of espresso.

Matt Lauer, owner of Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters in Mancos, goes so far to achieve the ultimate cup that he roasts his beans – sourced from all over the world – every day, five days a week.

When you buy his Green Mesa Blend, which he recommends for espresso, the date on the bag is often from the day before (he roasts in the afternoon). The almost-black beans are dry, not oily, a sign of proper roasting, and they produce a cup that is smooth, rich and light, with a tiny bite on the finish. (A pound costs $10.50.)

Another nowhere-but-Mancos aspect of his and wife Linda James’ coffee business? They allow regular customers to run a monthly tab.