Cheese-tasting in Mancos

If you’re a cheese lover and you’re going to Mancos, you’re in luck.

Olio Restaurant and Wine Bar has an after-dinner cheese selection to make a French chef proud. (Chef-owner Jason Blankenship is American, but he trained in France at the beginning of his culinary career.)

He offers a Pont L’eveque, one of the gooiest, smelliest, most delicious cheeses in all of Normandy, heavenly with a slice of pear and a sip of 20-year-old port, which he also offers.

If you’re looking for a rich, creamy cheese with earthy undertones, the goat’s milk Boucheron from the Loire Valley fills the bill. The sweet King Estate Pinot Gris “vin glace” from Oregon is a lovely complement to the mild tang of the cheese.

For something not as rich, but equally as flavorful, you might try the Le P’tit Basque, a sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees with a firmer, almost crumbly texture and an aroma redolent of mountain grass. It goes well with the toasted nuts and fig jam Blankenship serves alongside.

He offers 11 cheeses in all ($12 for a plate of three) and nine dessert wines (from $8 to $18) to accompany them. Forget the cake – try the fromage instead.