What do you know about Mancos?

Beyond its 1,336 souls living at 7,000 feet, Mancos occupies a distinctly rebel-themed place in its residents’ hearts.

“Mancos is the place you come to get away from Durango,” said Melissa Blaine, manager of her family’s iconic Absolute Bakery, citing the heavy traffic, high cost of living and general citified air of its bigger sister to the east.

For starters, more women than men live in Mancos, 53-47 percent; 12 percent of residents are Hispanic and another 6 percent are Native American. One black person lives in town.

Mancos can boast of besting Durango in a number of areas – a 20 percent increase in population compared to Durango’s 14; 2.5 fewer students in each classroom and $595 more spent on each of them per year. The cost of living is nine percent higher than the U.S. average, but 13 percent lower than Durango’s. The median home price is $43,500 less than in Durango.

It’s a typical small town, really, where people greet each other by name on the street, don’t tailgate because it’s likely to be their landlord and go out of their way to support the town’s home-grown businesses.

“I found a dog walking down the street the other day and I knew who it belonged to,” said Blaine with a laugh.

All in all, reason enough for Blaine, who has lived in Mancos most of her 30 years, to call Mancos home.