Second X-ray machine welcomed, but plan ahead

All those who board flights at the Durango-La Plata County Airport appreciate the political effort going to urge the Transportation Security Administration to put in place a second X-ray machine for screening carry-on luggage. The queue can be frustratingly long, and X-ray screen images can be checked only so quickly by the machine’s operator; it is not a matter of increasing the throttle on the conveyor belt.

May or June is when The Durango Herald has reported the second machine will be operational.

But it is worth knowing that one machine is adequate most of the day. The security check bottleneck occurs in the early afternoon, when flights to Denver, Dallas and Phoenix are all leaving within a couple of hours. Durangoans love to arrive at their small-town airport within half an hour of boarding, but that is risky at that time of day. Security personnel are sometimes helpful in moving those with departing flights to the front of the line, and airline gate employees know the challenge, but when everyone is in that category, not much can be done.

Look forward to a second X-ray machine, but, in the meantime, if your plane departs after lunch, allow extra time.