Land-use code

Delay in city’s adoption is warranted

City officials are doing the right thing by postponing hearings that were to occur this week on Durango’s new land-use development code.

In three weeks, the City Council will have two, and perhaps three, new members. While the candidates’ limited campaigning so far for the April 2 election has not included any strong positions for or against the content of the new code, giving new members a chance to sort through it with city staff members as a resource makes sense.

Durangoans also could use additional review time. The code is a large one – some 500 pages – and has been a long time coming.

And, while the addition of accessory units has been a source of concern in some neighborhoods, there easily could be other aspects of the code that rise to the surface for debate.

We write that there could be only two new members because incumbent Christina Rinderle is seeking a second term. The other candidates are La Plata Electric Association controller Keith Brant, architect Dean Brookie, technology writer Jordan Golson, former Durango School District 9-R board chairman Floyd Patterson and Ska Brewing Co. employee and artist Kristen Smith. The top three vote-getters will be seated.