All our amendments require defending

If you do not believe that one amendment is absolute in the rights it conveys, then why do so many of you oppose our rights to bear arms and not even question all other of our other amendments? Also, why are you not questioning your rights to free speech, the First Amendment? Should we do away with that as it seems to be a huge one for the media.

The only question that ever comes about what supposedly needs rewritten is around the Second Amendment. Why? It is said by those who oppose the Second Amendment that we should rewrite it or abolish it because it is outdated. Why? Because those same folks do not have a clue what our amendments stand for, in their entirety.

Those amendments, all of them, were written with reasons in mind, and those reasons still stand the test of time if anybody will read why they were written all of the amendments, not just the second. The Second Amendment is, always was, and always should be, protected as the Supreme Court has done in the past. Let us hope that this new liberal Supreme Court does not fail the people and overturn anything that was decided in the past by our supposed law-of-the-land-setting Supreme Court.

Melinda Ice