Gun opponents working toward confiscation

As contentious as the Colorado gun debate is, it should be an issue decided by the residents of Colorado. The proposed legislation would be ineffective in solving gun violence in Colorado and would burden law-abiding Colorado gun owners with onerous restrictions. However, even more troubling is the interference by outside anti-gun individuals and groups (Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Gabrielle Giffords).

It’s clear that a full court press by the anti-gun groups is being applied to Colorado in order to achieve a larger objective: more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners by the federal government. If the anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment groups can point to a state in the “wild west” such as Colorado embracing erosion of their Second Amendment rights in the name of “safety,” then it will embolden the political class in Washington to move forward with unconstitutional laws designed to destroy the Second Amendment.

Make no mistake: The anti-gun crowd has begun a relentless march toward national gun registration and eventual gun confiscation.

Ron Gilley


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