NRA fanning flames of irrational discourse

If you are disappointed about the ongoing public conversation regarding the Second Amendment and gun-safety issues, you are not alone. Where is the “common sense”?

In fact, the Second Amendment still is alive and well, and the U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed our personal right to bear arms. Even the most stringent proposal before the U.S. Congress or any state legislative body does not suggest that we change the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In fact, government entities do not have the resources or the inclination to take from the private sector the millions of firearms already in circulation.

Why is the NRA fanning the flames of irrational discourse? It’s because it is first and foremost concerned with a healthy and profitable firearms industry. The NRA does not really care about my right to bear arms as much as its benefactors’ right to manufacture and sell arms.

In fact, some citizens should not be allowed to own firearms. High-capacity magazines pose more threat to society as a whole than any potential benefit to an individual. We all would be safer if everyone who owns a firearm was required to pass a background check and demonstrate a basic knowledge of proper gun-handling techniques.

Perhaps, if you are willing to consider other points of view and the facts, you will realize that the “lefties” aren’t caving to Washington, D.C., any more than the “righties” are succumbing to the propaganda and fear-mongering of the NRA.

And, finally, as a fellow Vietnam combat vet, I’d like to thank Rep. Mike McLachlan for his willingness to listen to all sides of this issue and defend the position he feels is most rational. Although we don’t always agree, he has earned my respect.

Bob Volger