Policy fights are not grounds for recall

The recall of State Rep. Mike McLachlan currently being pushed by a Front Range group and funded by out-of-state money is not only ridiculous, it is a terrible precedent. Recalls should be reserved for egregious violations of ethics or illegal activity.

McLachlan has done nothing wrong. He simply voted on proposed legislation, which, I believe, is his job as a legislator. He didn’t even write or sponsor the bills. If you disagree with his position, don’t vote for him in two years when he is up for re-election. If you think the proposed bills are unconstitutional, challenge them in court. That is how our democracy works.

This contrived outrage is nothing but a blatant power grab by Republicans and a transparent effort to backdoor their way into a majority in the state House of Representatives. Thirty-six Democrats voted for House Bill 1224, yet this group is only challenging vulnerable Democratic representatives in Durango, Greeley, Steamboat Springs and Colorado Springs. If Democrats lose these four seats, Republicans conveniently regain a 33-32 House majority. All four of these representatives won fair elections in November. Election losers such as J. Paul Brown shouldn’t get a “do-over” four months later based only on legislative votes.

Policy disagreements should not be a basis for recall elections. These recalls are the worst kind of politics and a slap in the face of democracy. Regardless of your political affiliation or your opinions on these gun-control bills, please do not sign this ridiculous recall petition.

John Wickersham