Government, not citizens, should decide

Like, the Democrats need to scream and shout that they have beaten the Republicans, who have no more fight (or votes) to win another election campaign. Let’s be proud of our accomplishments.

Abortion: We can abort any baby even at the partial-delivery stage. We decide what we want to do to our own babies.

Taxes: We achieved a level where more than 50 percent don’t have to pay taxes and high tax rates will saddle the rich (who deserve it anyway). Make them work and get extra degrees while we can sit and watch them die young.

Poor: We now give free housing, food, phones, health care and money to the unemployed and have kept people living at that level to ensure we get at least 50 percent of votes, like a built-in guarantee.

Illegals: Give them all free benefits without paying taxes to shore up more votes and have the rich pay for it. Amazing how this works.

Anti-traditional marriage: Who says man-woman is the only way. Same-sex marriage is our first step to break this old tradition, and next will be polygamy and bestiality. This will get us benefits for friends, relatives and animals. Plus, the corporations will be forced to accept this.

No God: Obama was so close to getting this on the 2012 Democrat platform. This fairy tale of a God has got to end, and we’ll get there. I mean, Jesus rising from the dead? Really?

Guns: Why don’t citizens just trust the government and give all guns away. We’ll protect everyone. Don’t believe scare tactics about evil regimes who take away guns also taking away freedoms. Obama won’t do that.

Environment: The Earth has never warmed like it has now. We need to tax the rich and corporations so governments can cool our temperatures.

Overall, individual freedom is overrated, and individuals need governance to control evil desires. What a great feeling to squash the “freedom-elite” group and now ensure government makes the decisions now and not the citizens. Hillary in 2016 and 2020.

Mike Cabot