Six reasons to vote, and vote for Rinderle

Itís election time again for City Council seats. Although you may not think local elections or who sits on City Council are important, they are. Hereís why Iím voting and why Iím voting for Christina Rinderle.

Top three reasons to vote in the upcoming city council election:

Itís your money! City Council spends taxpayer money to run and improve our city. Casting your vote for a candidate who represents your views ensures that your money is spent in a responsible and sustainable way.

Itís your neighborhood and your community! The outcomes of local elections often have a greater impact on our daily lives than national elections. Your vote can help ensure that Durango is the kind of community in which you want to continue to live, work and play.

Itís your future! City Council decisions have a real affect on the kind of community in which our children will grow up. Making decisions now about land use, job creation and education affects the future for us all.

Top three reasons to vote for Christina Rinderle:

Rinderle works for environmental sustainability. She has been a passionate advocate for ensuring that Durango remains the kind of beautiful outdoor mecca that draws awards and recognition from around the nation. During her first term, the city was able to purchase more land in Horse Gulch. She was also a part of developing the Parks Open Space and Trails Recreation Master Plan.

Rinderle believes in economic development. She is on the executive board of the La Plata Economic Development Alliance and works hard to ensure that Durango is a place where its community members can find meaningful work with competitive pay.

Rinderle cares about affordable housing. As a member of the executive board of the Regional Housing Alliance and an outspoken advocate for accessory dwelling units,

Rinderle believes in a community where all its residents can afford to live and thrive. Check to learn more about all of her accomplishments from her first term and her plans for the next one.

Sarah Brown