Judge candidates on neighborhood issues

The Citizens for Healthy Established Neighborhood’s mission is to unite Durango’s residential neighborhoods and voice residents’ concerns to the attention of city leadership in the interest of maintaining quality neighborhoods. We advocate on behalf of those who live and work in Durango to sustain a sense of community and a year-round economy.

The following is a summary of City Council candidate positions on auxiliary dwelling units and vacation rentals:

Keith Brant favors ADUs and has said he believes the number of units built will not significantly affect neighborhoods. He favors owner-occupied units, and is concerned with parking issues. He supports the location of businesses in commercially zoned rather than residential areas. Brant favors vacation rentals, promises accessibility and responsible financial oversight of the city’s budget.

Dean Brookie favors ADUs with adherence to setback requirements, lot coverage limits and owner occupation. Brookie said he’s optimistic towards and supportive of business development. He said he has good understanding and experience with the city’s Land Use and Development Code. He favors vacation rentals, but said he is sensitive to the impact they could have in residential neighborhoods.

Jordan Golson favors a balanced approach to the adoption of ADUs. Neighbors’ rights should be considered. However, affordable housing is a problem in Durango and ADUs offer a solution. He favors individual property rights, vacation rentals and possible commercial business in residential neighborhoods.

Floyd Patterson said he needs more time studying some issues, including ADUs, but promises to be fair and accessible. He supports vacation rentals and protecting the rights of neighborhoods. He’s concerned with the city’s lack of parking.

Christina Rinderle supports maximum density within the city and few if any limitations on ADUs and vacation rentals. She supports a vibrant downtown and the new LUDC, and believes policies within the code protect neighborhoods.

Kristen Smith is against ADUs because of the increased density they will likely trigger in older, established neighborhoods. She supports a livable wage, diverse business climate and policies that encourage a healthy environment.

Martha McClellan, David McHenry, Bruce Garlick, Jan Holt and Chris Paulson Citizens for Healthy Established Neighborhoods