Guns are not sacred and above regulation

I was one of those disappointed in Rep. Mike McLachlan’s decision to support a 15-round limit on ammunition clips for repeating weapons. After all, we have seen in episode after horrible killing episode that the killing stopped when either the weapon jammed or the clip was emptied, so it seems to me only appropriate to severely limit the size of ammunition clips. I was astounded by State Sen. Ellen Roberts when she gave as her reason for opposing such a limit was that some of her constituents wanted no restriction because they “feared civil unrest,” as she euphemistically phrased it. Pardon me, civil unrest? Would this be in anticipation of Sharron Angle’s “Second Amendment remedy” to the intolerable conditions being imposed on us? The only incivility that I am aware of is that heaped on Rep. McLachlan by the “well-regulated militia” with their heckling jeering and threats of recall.

Guns should be treated like that other potentially lethal machine most of us own, our automobiles. We register them, we accept liability for them and we require ourselves to demonstrate a basic level of proficiency in their use. I reject the idea that guns are somehow sacred and above any regulation or liability whatever.

Until the “Second Amendment remedy” arrives, we remain a republic-practicing democracy. We will select our representatives, and we will expect them to negotiate and compromise for the common good. If we disagree with their actions, we will attempt to replace them by election, but we will not show the disgraceful disrespect we have seen in this case. When one of the employees of the “well-regulated militia” invites me to sign the petition to recall Mike McLachlan, I intend not to respond in kind with threats, heckling and jeers, but to simply turn and walk away. I hope that you will join me.

Christopher Isensee