School’s entry system long in planning stage

I appreciate the series that The Durango Herald did on school safety. It highlighted issues that are of great concern in our community.

As a parent of students at Sunnyside Elementary, I would like to clarify that the installation of a security entry system was not done in reaction to the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary. Planning and scoping for this system had been in progress for more than two years leading up to its installation.

The need for a secure entry system was identified for various reasons, some of which are mentioned in the Herald’s March 4 article. Clearly, moving from planning to reality was hastened by current events, but this was not done without careful planning and ample opportunity for community input.

Each school has a unique set of concerns based on its location, facility layout and staffing. I appreciate the school and administration for placing safety as a top priority and for being responsive to the concerns of the community.

Cynthia Loebig