Don’t part with liberties for no reason

Although I can’t vote in the upcoming city council election because I live just outside the city limits, I’m hoping that those of you who can vote will vote against any candidate who supports more rules, ordinances, restrictions and bans – that’s right, no more bans!

They haven’t banned everything yet, but they plan to. They want to ban plastic shopping bags. Plastic bag bans are based on misinformation and bad science. They are unnecessary and counterproductive. The problems resulting from the bans on plastic bags and the increased use of “reusable” bags – fecal E coli bacteria illness outbreaks, costs to fight the lawsuits against the bans, increased cost for security because of shoplifting, the much larger carbon footprint to manufacture the reuseables – are all avoidable and unnecessary.

To let these elected officials tell us what we need and what’s good for us is unacceptable. We don’t have many liberties left; don’t part with them for no reason.

To borrow a few lines from the popular Billie Nolan song:

“Don’t ban my bags; Don’t take my rights

Just stop your meddlin’; Quit startin’ fights

I won’t be the pawn of your outrageous rule

I won’t be the victim of a misguided fool.”

Vote smart!

Dick Glasco