Gun fanatic’s vision of heavily armed America

I thought I would get creative and imagine the gun fanatic’s dream of America, based on recent letters to the Herald from this group. This would be the Second Amendment utopia, where there are no restrictions on our God-given right to bear arms so citizens can own all the weapons desired, plus they get a chance to take it all back from that evil government. Just dream away: 90 percent of Americans own at least one assault weapon; armed guards (militia) are posted at all schools, churches, movie theaters, everywhere; police forces are disbanded because “the folks” are now in charge; some people have dug foxholes in their yards for protection – well, because the guy next door has even more weapons.

Then, people ramp up and start acquiring tanks, RPGs and artillery (after all, it is our right). Those well-managed militias start having turf wars; all the “traitors” are done in; remaining dissidents are silenced; the head of the NRA becomes president (in a coup); militias start controlling polling places; Branch Davidian-style complexes multiply (all you gun lovers must be salivating by now).

All this occurs even though the majority of citizens does not agree with what is going on – just like now. Wait a minute, this does not sound like the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. It reminds me of Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria and parts of Pakistan.

To heck with the assault rifle, I am mail-ordering my M1 Abrams tank. God bless America.

Dave Mehan