DHS lacrosse ends a dubious 6-for-6 streak

Durango boys go winless vs. best of the best in league

Six tough league games, six tough losses.

The Durango High School boys lacrosse team lost its sixth consecutive Mountain League lacrosse game Thursday, a 13-3 defeat to Battle Mountain in Grand Junction.It ended the toughest run of games the Demons will see this season against the toughest teams in the league.“We dug too big a hole to get out of,” DHS head coach John Robinette said.

The Huskies jumped to a 9-0 league in the first half, then finished with a 4-3 second half to breeze by the Demons.“We just need to put together a complete game. We have flashes or quarters or halves where we play really good. Each game it seems that we have another guy stepping up, coming out and doing really well, but we need all the guys to start having those at the same time.”Thursday that guy was Wesley Komick, who scored two goals – both “unassisted drives from behind the cage,” Robinette said. He also added an assist on Liam Millar’s goal.In net for the Demons, Walker Brown lasted a half and made eight saves.

Robert Moore took over in the second half and made four saves.“They’re a good team. We were just making some mental mistakes,” Robinette said. “We weren’t sliding fast enough to the ball; we were getting beat to assignments; we weren’t making the plays we needed to make.”DHS (1-7, 0-6 Mountain League) will play its home opener against Pueblo West at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at DHS Stadium, the second game of a Demons’ girls-boys doubleheader.

The Demons’ girls lacrosse team will host Summit at 11 a.m. Saturday.