One result, two lessons

BHS, IHS get different lessons out of Pine River rivalry game

A productive lesson from one team, a harsh lesson for the other.

The Bayfield High School girls soccer team routed hapless Ignacio 9-0 on Friday at Wolverine Country Stadium, getting in plenty of skill work as the Bobcats just got more experience.

Before the match, Class 3A BHS head coach Jen Zelinski said Class 2A IHS head coach Oscar Cosio asked that the 10-goal mercy rule not impact this installment of the Pine River rivalry, as allowed by high school rules.

The Bobcats came into the game 0-2 after a 9-0 loss to Pagosa Springs and an 8-0 loss to Center, and Cosio wanted his girls to get as much experience and playing time as possible.

“He wanted the girls to play 80 (minutes) regardless,” Zelinski said.

“It’s frustrating to be on that end – I’ve been there before – but it’s not going to do them any good unless they’re playing full games. ... I admire him for that and the girls for going through that for so many games.”

For the Wolverines’ varsity, then, it was practice time “because we’ve played really good games, and we’ve played really bad games.”

Zelinski said she put strict stipulations on the Bayfield players in an attempt to get quicker play off the ball.

First, only two touches on each pass, then only headers for goals.

The Wolverines got 17 passes in a row at one point, Zelinski said, and “actually had a lot of close calls with the headers.”

In the end, Effie Nistler and Meaghan Mooney each scored two goals, and Charlene Hammit, Jaida Ross, Jordyn Harrison, Andrea Zelinski and Grace Harvey each scored one apiece.

BHS (6-2, 4-1 Region 5) will play Center on April 16 after spring break; IHS (0-3, 0-3 Region 5) will play Telluride at 5:30 p.m. Saturday in Telluride.