Demons ready to stoke a lacrosse fire

DHS boys finally get to pick on an opponent their own size

The Durango High School boys lacrosse team has an ember smouldering in its soul.

Today, the Demons plan to introduce a shot of oxygen, feeding a blaze they hope will help them scorch through eight consecutive games all the way to a winning record.

“Go out on fire every single game,” Demons’ captain Cooper Stowers said. “I think what our team has experienced these last couple weeks is a lot of struggle, and I think that’s adding up to a lot of fire.”

DHS (1-6, 0-6 Mountain League) finished up a six-game road trip against the league’s toughest competition with a 13-3 loss to Battle Mountain on Thursday, its sixth rout in a row.

“It was rough at the beginning, just constantly getting it handed to us,” junior attacker Jared Cook said.But those six games made up the crux of the season’s competition for the Demons, who now enter friendlier waters against more comparable competition, starting with Pueblo West at 2:30 p.m. today at DHS Stadium.“We just got to put the pieces together,” said Cook, son of Bill Cook and Tamara LaZar.

It’s a blank slate now, DHS head coach John Robinette said. All around.“Back to the basics,” Robinette said. “We’ve got to be able to catch and throw the ball; we’ve got to be able to scoop the first time, and we’ve got to play with confidence.”Robinette said the Demons need some team leaders to step up and provide that confidence by powering the team forward.

He’s looking foremost to Cook, who had a big season as a sophomore last year.

Now, coach wants more.

“I’m still waiting for him to have that breakout that we need,” he said.

Cook insists its coming.“I’m ready for that big game,” he said. “I know I can do it; it’s just getting ready.”After seven games on the road, finally playing on the home field is a big bonus. The Durango crowd always gives the boys a “little more energy, little more pep in their step,” Robinette said.

To hear both Cook and Stowers talk, though, no additional pep is needed for their home opener.“It’s definitely something I wanted to do all season,” said Stowers, son of Bridget and Michael Stowers. “I want to win. I’m going to win.”

“Oh, I really want to win,” Cook said. “This is a goal I set at the beginning of the year is winning this Pueblo West game. So I’m pumped.”