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Durango voters are lucky that six thoughtful members of the community have stepped forward to run for the three available seats on the City Council. Council jobs are too important to be decided by default.

But to govern is to choose, and The Durango Herald recommends those who govern Durango – city voters – pick Keith Brant, Dean Brookie and Christina Rinderle. All three would bring intelligence and expertise to the job. Together, they offer a diversity of experience and thought that can only benefit the community.

The only incumbent in the race, and if elected, the longest serving council member, Rinderle would bring institutional memory to the job. That can only help in her effort to complete initiatives begun under the current council.

While new to public service, Brookie would nonetheless bring years of experience with public policy issues such as planning. And with that would come a deep knowledge of Durango gained from decades of community involvement.

Much of Brant’s experience is in finance, knowledge always welcome in public entities. In addition, he would add a different individual perspective, one that may well lead him to question assumptions and long-standing practices. That kind of voice is always welcome as well.

In choosing city councilors, it is also important to look at the council overall. And in that Brant, Brookie and Rinderle would well compliment the two continuing councilors not up for election – Sweetie Marbury and Dick White. (Paul Broderick is stepping down, and Doug Lyon is term limited.)

None of that, however, is to dismiss the other three candidates running. They, too, deserve praise and the thanks of city residents for their involvement, their time and their commitment to keeping the process honest and the issues before the public.

Floyd Patterson would offer a “prudent” approach to city government, perhaps grounded on his experience running businesses in Durango and Flagstaff, Ariz. He has already served his community well with eight years on the School District 9-R school board.

Kristen Smith is especially to be commended for her involvement. City councilors are often retirees or professionals in positions that offer flexibility. That Smith works as a server at Ska Brewing Co. serves as a healthy reminder that City Council seats are the province of all Durango.

Jordon Golson is a newcomer to Durango, but his civic instincts and enthusiasm should make him welcome here. He is already a volunteer firefighter and now a council candidate.

All the candidates warrant thanks for their efforts, but voters can pick only three. Vote for Keith Brant, Dean Brookie and Christina Rinderle.

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