‘Whole’ community doesn’t support civil unions

In reference to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s comments about civil unions (Herald, March 22), I understand that the majority of the residents of Colorado agree with Hickenlooper’s opinions because the majority is what voted him into office. But he should understand that he did not win by 100 percent of the vote and that there are some who disagree with his beliefs and opinions.

As a resident of Colorado, I, along with many of my resident family members, take offense to Hickenlooper’s statement, “It is a moment that the whole community has waited for for so long.” Making civil unions legal is not a moment that I and my family have waited for for so long. It is something that we do not believe in. It goes against every religious belief we have. We believe in the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of life, and we are entitled to those beliefs just as Hickenlooper is entitled to his. So I ask that Hickenlooper please not use absolute terms such as “whole” when referring to the community because there are some members of the community who strongly disagree and do not want to be included in that whole.

Jamie Halls