Recall is purest form of direct democracy

Iíve been reading letters to the Herald about how the people have spoken, so get over it, and Rep. Mike McLachlan has enough to do, so leave him alone. I apologize but Iím tired of listening to others telling me to shut up and deal with it so politicians can continue to pass redundant legislation that slowly strips our rights away. Well, guess what, we donít have to deal with it.

This recall is not only about McLachlan, but also Sen. John Morse and others, and is direct democracy at its purest.

I did not vote for McLachlan, Iím sure the transplanted Democrats in Durango canít believe that, but 49.9 percent of this district did not vote for him either. I, along with many others, will be signing this recall petition once itís available. We can only hope that the rest of these politicians who voted for this legislation will also be successfully recalled.

This is not a power grab by Republicans nor is it some political ploy as Democrats try to say. This is a true American democratic wake-up call for all politicians, a simple nudge saying, ďHey there, this is your boss, and you are not performing up to par.Ē

John Wickersham said ďPolicy disagreements should not be a basis for recall elections,Ē (Letters, Herald, March 15). Heís right, but the disengagement and elimination of our personal rights are Ė especially when such a huge volume of people spoke against this legislation, yet our elected officials still turned the deaf ear. They stripped everyone of rights and choices in how we can protect ourselves. Their answer to women about to be attacked? Defecate all over yourself, blow a whistle or wait for the police. This legislation will do nothing to curb violence in any way nor will it increase public safety. Our government did just the opposite.

You want to sit back, watch and be quiet, go ahead. Iíll help in any way I can to recall those who are listening only to a small majority and taking away the rights of a bigger one.

Wake up, America!

Dug Ward


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