Hickenlooper must oppose job-killing bills

As unemployment claims rise, Democrats in the state house are pushing through a series of bills that will make doing business in Colorado much more difficult. Democrats will be taking up several new bills that will destroy Colorado’s oil and gas industry, and the millions of jobs associated with it. The legislation being heralded by Democrats will increase fines on oil and gas companies for minor infractions, and increase the already costly regulatory burdens on job creators in the energy industry.

Colorado Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has refused to take a position on any of these job-killing bills. We need leadership from our governor. The threat of these bills alone makes potential job creators think twice before coming into the state. Gov. Hickenlooper must come out against these job-killing measures and promise to veto them if they hit his desk. He must protect the families who depend on these jobs. Republicans in the House and the Senate have resolved to fight against these job-killing measures.

Kenneth Fusco, Sr.


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