Donate to those who will honor office oath

The 2014 elections are still about 18 months away, but candidates are and have been seeking donations for that election cycle. Sen. Mark Udall is my prime example because I receive two or three emails a week looking for donations. The number of requests is my estimate not an exact count. I will not donate to Udall because he does not fit my idea of a representative of all the people.

Being a Democrat or a Republican is not enough in my book. I am looking for someone who will uphold our Constitution all the time. That does not mean our founding document needs no changes. It does mean that it is the rules we are supposed to play by until properly changed.

Our founders had the wisdom to see that someday it might need some reworking and made provisions to do just that.

Unfortunately, politicians of all stripes have frequently ignored the rules and made modifications without benefit of legal procedure as prescribed. Udall is one of those politicians who would rather change our rules by any means possible legal or not.

See his votes on gun legislation. Contrast his actions with those of Sen. Ellen Roberts. If you are going to donate, it would be most appropriate to donate to someone who will vote for the rules and abide by the rules, everyday.

That is honoring the oath of office.

Dave West

Pagosa Springs

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