Don’t expect law-abiders to give up guns

So now it is treasonous to disagree with or dissent against our government, such as those in the 1960s? Homeland Security labeled me a possible threat once for being a veteran. As those individuals of the ’60s, I guess I am in the minority now.

I am in the minority because I have to pray to myself and not mention God in public or government-controlled offices. I am in the minority because I served my country in the military against the drug cartels in the ’80s, against dictators in Somalia/Iraq in the ’90s and against terrorists throughout my career. I am a minority because I believe in the Constitution and I own weapons.

I do not worship my weapons, but I do respect their capabilities to end life that is threatening to take mine. I worked for the government for many years, and no, I do not trust it because I have seen what it is capable of. I have extensive training from the military and if I could have an M1 tank, AT4, Ma-Duce, Claymores, etc., to protect those I cherish, then it should be without question. The difference is I know what is right and wrong unlike those who have committed these atrocities.

The government trusted me to protect the American people, high-ranking foreign dignitaries and our government officials. So what makes my family any less important than them?

The government trusted me to end the lives of those who were a threat in certain theaters of operation. What is the difference now with drug cartels and terrorists entering the country better-armed than Border Patrol and most of our soldiers?

It is your right to disagree with me; however, it is not your right to rule over me like a tyrant. We will all disagree with what we think is right or wrong, moral or just, good or evil, but you cannot expect any law-abiding citizen to give up his right to protect his family or himself with any means necessary and available to them. “Do not go gentle into that good night!”

Christopher M. Jones


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