Slow down, drive less to reduce road dust

I have lived a long time on a dirt road, and never have there been so many cars. I am being buried by the residents of La Plata County. Could you please slow down to the speed limit? Could you try to avoid endless forays into town and perhaps find alternate routes on paved roads?

I have complained many times to the County Road and Bridge Department, and have been told the magnesium chloride is on the way, but they send in graders with water trucks that break up what little bond the old mag chloride had on the road surface and the dust erupts in volcanos of dust that lays on everything: plants, trees, cars, shelves. It wiggles into every crevasse, we breathe it and live with coughs and increased allergies.

Really, do unto others. Look behind that cunning piece of technology that is transporting all those minuscule particulates and pretend you need a breath of fresh air: Walk, ride a bike, stay on pavement. Your planet is not happy with this off-road thing.

Stephen Saltsman


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