White must show how to wean off fossil fuels

I want to applaud our new mayor, Dick White, for his stance on the environment. My question for the mayor and others in our situation is, what about the younger generation that is starting families or that has existing families? Ever tried cramming several kids and a dog or two in a Prius? I’m sure the soccer moms will be all for this. Our mayor, who is an astronomy professor, is an expert on global warming? The scare message he gave us about the upcoming drought is just that. I, too, would like to make predictions about our climate, but I would just be speculating just like White. I would like to remind White and others that we are a society, for better or worse, built on capitalism. We build things, housing, office buildings, shopping malls, factories, etc. We create jobs – or that was how it was before 2009. All of this takes energy. I, too, would like to be less dependent on fossil fuels, but they are a necessity for the next 50 years, unless someone can tell us how we can wean ourselves off them sooner.The fossil fuels-to-alternative-energy ratio is like 80 percent fossil, 20 percent alternative – just guessing. In the early 2000s, the price of natural gas was four times higher than it was this winter – $12 per mcf vs. $3 per mcf. I know people whose gas bills are between $200 and $300 to heat their houses in the winter. That same house would cost close to a $1,000 to heat today. How dare those energy companies find all that new shale gas and drive down those prices? The cost of oil might be closer to $150 if it weren’t for those sorry energy companies that we bash. I won’t even talk about tens of thousands of jobs that have been created by our energy companies. How dare they hire all those people and create those jobs.

Michael Cobb


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