A vote for Brodsky is a vote for dedication

We strongly support Herb Brodsky, candidate for election to represent District 4 on the LPEA board of directors. Ballots have been mailed to be cast on or before May 11, the day of the LPEA annual meeting.

For 20 of the 25 years we have lived in Durango, we have known Herb as a friend, neighbor and, most importantly, as a co-worker on a number of civic projects. He is thorough, thoughtful, responsible and reliable in everything he undertakes. And he has years of accumulated experience on the LPEA board from which we all can benefit. His professional training is as an electrical engineer. He brings expertise to every job he tackles. Voting for Herb Brodsky is a vote for dedication and knowledge to benefit all of us.

D. Reid and Sari G. Ross


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