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Husband bumps wife with vehicle

SHAUN STANLEY/Durango Herald Colorado State Patrol joins members of the La Plata County Sheriff's office and Durango Fire and Rescue Authority investigating a report of an automobile accident on private property in the 1700 block of County Road 172 Friday morning at Mesa Vista Ranch where it was reported that a woman's legs were crushed by a vehicle.

By Dale Rodebaugh Herald staff writer

A Florida Mesa resident sent his spouse to the hospital with a leg injury Friday when he backed a pickup truck into her.

Duane Williams, 71, was guiding a borrowed 1998 red Ford pickup on the driveway of the couple’s ranch at 1751 Colorado Highway 172 when he struck his wife, Carole, 67.

The vehicle pushed her against a glass door, which didn’t break, Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Ben Steger said.

Steger said Duane Williams’ unfamiliarity with the vehicle caused him to step on the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Carole Williams was taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center complaining of leg pain, Steger said. Hospital spokesman David Bruzzese said she is in good condition.

The Colorado State Patrol was alerted to the incident at 9:06 a.m.


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