Restaurateur supports entire community

I have known Jerry Martinez for many years. I worked for him for quite a few years. I am irate that people would criticize him for making a business decision to cater a meal. If people only knew the number of free meals he has provided to families who have lost loved ones or for an event for schools or the community: I cannot even begin to count them. He supports this community without consideration of which political party they may belong to.

Jerry’s heart is so big and his love for people is his primary thought every day. He helped me through some tough times in my life as he has so many others by his love and caring. He has sponsored my grandkids for projects. It is amazing to me that people can be so narrow-minded. I thought the theme of the Democrats was tolerance and equality. Where is that now? I see political signs at businesses all over town during elections, but I do not call those businesses and harass them. They have a right to their opinion as we all do. I hope most of Durango is bigger than the few that called and will support Jerry in his right to serve meals no matter who it is. I know we will.

Cookie Hoselton


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