Major media are guilty of pervasive bias

Phil Donahue and Bill Moyers were the only two major TV news personalities who presented the viewpoints of those of us who challenged the rush to war in Iraq. General Electric and Microsoft – MSNBC’s founders that went on to make tremendous war profits – were not about to tolerate a dissenting voice. Donahue was fired, and at PBS, Moyers was subjected to tremendous pressure.

The celebrity trolls who currently reign on commercial television read from the same corporate script. They spin the same gossip. They ignore what the corporate state wants ignored. They champion what the corporate state wants championed. They do not challenge the structures of corporate power. Their role is to funnel viewer energy back into our dead political system – to make us believe that Democrats or Republicans are not corporate pawns.

The cable shows, whose hyperbolic hosts work to make us afraid of self-identified liberals or self-identified conservatives, are part of a rigged political system, one in which it is impossible to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, General Electric or ExxonMobil. These corporations, in return for the fear-based propaganda, pay the lavish salaries of celebrity news people, usually in the millions of dollars. And when there is “war,” these news personalities assume their “patriotic” roles as cheerleaders.

The lie of omission is still a lie. It is what these news celebrities do not mention that exposes their complicity with corporate power. They do not speak about Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act, a provision that allows the government to use the military to hold U.S. citizens and strip them of due process. They do not decry the trashing of our most basic civil liberties, allowing acts such as warrantless wiretapping and executive orders for the assassination of U.S. citizens. That is not why they are paid! Read more of Chris Hedges at Six corporations control 95 percent of the media that you consume. Explore independent media. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,” said William Casey, CIA director.

Lenny Papineau


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