FLC is right to keep mum on firings

There are probably two sides to the story around Chris and Shelly Aaland’s firing. We sympathize for anyone being fired, and we understand the hardships that follow. As someone who once worked in a college athletic department, it’s my belief people should look at this as two separate situations. My question to those upset is, how long do you give someone who is not producing results? Shelly Aaland was a coach who was 24 games under .500 after a nearly decade-long opportunity. In college sports, no coach in the country would be safe with those results. And in reading that there was turmoil on the team, that is not a good combination. Those who are upset should look at their own jobs and professions and ask, if they produce the same results, would they feel they should have lifetime job security?

As far as Chris goes, if in fact the Aalands consulted with a lawyer, the college cannot and will not publicly comment. That silence tells me there was a reason, and it is probably damaging to the reputation of someone whom people obviously respect. The fact that someone has been dedicated does not mean that person has a lifelong pass if the job is not getting done, or if the job is compromised. I think Fort Lewis College is doing right by not smearing the Aalands, even though FLC is taking the heat with only one side being portrayed.

Jen Lauklin


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