Vote for more locally generated power

La Plata Electric Association is a member-owned electric cooperative and we get to vote for its board of directors. Please take a minute and vote in this important election.

I’m voting for Michael Rendon in District 3 for his proven leadership, commitment and vision. The decisions surrounding how we get our energy should be made with a clear vision for the health of our community and reflect the values of the people who live here. So vote!

Where does our energy come from? The LPEA annual report shows that some $70 million dollars is spent every year buying power elsewhere – mostly coal power. Seventy percent of all generated LPEA revenue is paid to Tri-State for our energy. LPEA buys electricity, whether it is coal or renewable energy, from Tri-State on the Front Range. That’s a lot of our money being sent to the Front Range for mostly coal power when we could keep that here and use it for clean energy locally.

Local renewable energy projects would create jobs here where we live in addition to reducing the amount of dirty coal-powered electricity. If you want more local renewable energy and all the local economic benefits that will come with it, join me in voting for new leadership on the LPEA board. When we spend money locally, that money circulates in our community and supports our neighbors. That is the simple idea behind the Buy Local campaign. It should apply to LPEA as well.

It is time the LPEA board of directors wakes up to the idea that many of us would like to buy local, and that includes local power. Fortunately, there are some great candidates who are aware of LPEA’s problems and will make a difference if we elect them. Depending on your district, you will get to vote for either Jack D. Turner, Michael Rendon or Mark Garcia.

Zachary Ray