City would lose shoppers from bag ban

The City Council is trying to put a charge on plastic bags we use. If it goes ahead with this idea, I hope the council plans on making up lost revenue because I will not be shopping in Durango anymore.

I recycle plastic, glass, paper, boxes and plastic bags already, and I do not need the city trying to charge me for using bags.

I will be shopping in Farmington and Cortez. Farmington has a lot of good restaurants, more movie choices and great stores to shop at. Grocery stores do not tax unprepared food, either.

My son is in Cortez, and it is a good day to shop there and see him. So the city can go ahead and charge for the bags, I am not the only person who will shop elsewhere.

The city has raised parking fees downtown and now this. How much can local businesses lose before the city realizes this is another dumb idea?

Kathy Ray


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