Herb Brodsky represents LPEA’s membership

Herb Brodsky seems the obvious choice for LPEA director from District 4. Having been a director in the past, he is familiar with LPEA’s business. The same cannot be said of his opponent. When I was chairwoman of the LPEA Round Up board, we were all sorry to see Brodsky go as he lost his last election. Two good reasons to re-elect Brodsky: The LPEA board asked him back as soon as they could, and the Round Up board welcomed him back with relief.

Brodsky’s engineering and management backgrounds prepared him well to help oversee the important functions of the association. His experience as an involved community citizen has helped him really know the people whom he will represent. He respects the needs and diversity of the members and he speaks with clarity, logic and kindness. Herb is always willing to answer questions or listen to a member’s concerns.

This does not seem a good time for a huge change in our electricity provider’s board, so we are fortunate we can elect Brodsky, an experienced person ready to get right to work. Ballots are out, so I urge you to vote for Brodsky and return your ballot before May 10.

Sheryl Ayers