Alternative energy not available at same rate

As the recipient of a patent on one, I’m all for the ocean-wave generators Sally Florence (Letters, Herald, May 6) recommends. However, it won’t work in the Animas River. It has the wrong kind of waves. Ocean waves go up and down; the Animas has standing waves.

I guess you might make a wave-powered generator work in a boat shooting the rapids. Maybe a water wheel (well-proven technology) could replace the energy consumed pumping Animas water to Lake Nighthorse?

The late Edward Teller said he was the only person hurt by Three Mile Island. He had a heart attack trying to counter Jane Fonda’s propaganda. The Japanese nuclear problem was caused by a tsunami, another type of ocean wave, which flooded nuclear plants and a lot of other things.

Florence’s key statement was that she would not mind paying the same high rate for electricity – electricity from alternative sources is not yet available at the same rate, the efforts of inventors such as me notwithstanding.

Jerry L. Modisette

Pagosa Springs

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