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Hysteria. HHH Dr. Robert Dalrymple makes a fascinating discovery in Victorian England that makes him very popular with the ladies of the day. I’ll leave it at that. Rated R.

Gaslight Cinema

(102 Fifth St. Next to the railroad depot, 247-8133,

Mud. HHH½ Two teen boys befriend a fugitive (Matthew McConaughey) and help him evade the law and find his gal (Reese Witherspoon). Rated PG-13.

Iron Man 3. HHH½ (In standard format.) Robert Downey, Jr. gets another paycheck. A big one. Rated PG-13.

Durango Stadium 9

(Next to Durango Mall, 247-9799,

To the Wonder. HHH½ (Wednesday only) Ben Affleck stars in Terrence Malick’s ethereal story of a love triangle that has more than three sides. There’s just not room here to explain it. Not rated.

The Great Gatsby. HHH½ (In standard format and digital 3-D with surcharge.) Leo stars as Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age playboy with all kinds of cinematic spectacle. (See review this page.) Rated PG-13.

Peeples. (No Roeper rating) Craig Robinson plays a man who wants to marry David Alan Grier’s daughter and pops the question during a big family reunion. Rated PG-13.

Iron Man 3. HHH½ (In standard format and digital 3-D with surcharge.) See above. The fact that it’s on so many screens explains why Downey’s paycheck is so big. Rated PG-13.

Pain & Gain. HHH In a “truth is stranger than fiction” moment, The Rock and Marky Mark play the Florida bodybuilders who turned to a life of violent crime. Somehow it’s funny, though. Rated R.

The Big Wedding. HH Bobby DeNiro is getting soft in his old age. Guess he got comfortable in the dad role during that run of Fokkers movies, because this time he’s the patriarch of a family preparing for a big wedding. Rated R.

Oblivion. HHH Tom Cruise plays a future military guy assigned to an outpost on some planet, and then he finds out a secret or something. Rated PG-13.

The Croods. (No Roeper rating; in standard format and digital 3-D with surcharge.) An animated film in which a family of prehistoric people go on an adventure. Fortunately for us, they were among the few English-speaking Cro-Magnons. Rated PG.

Ted Holteen, Richard Roeper and Roger Ebert

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